Facebook Posting
Package Post per week Rate per post Weekly earning Registration Fee
Bronze 1000 Rs. 4 Rs. 4,000 2,500 Rs
Silver 1000 Rs. 8 Rs. 8,000 5,000 Rs
Gold 1000 Rs. 16 Rs. 16,000 7,500 Rs
Diamond 1000 Rs. 32 Rs. 32,000 10,000 Rs
Platinum 1000 Rs. 64 Rs. 64,000 20,000 Rs
Terms & Condition
  • To Get This Project First Of All You Have To Select The Package & You Have To Register With Us. Your Registration Fee Is according To Your Package i.e. From Rs 5,000/- To Rs 80,000/.
  • You Will Get Your Project After 24-48 Hours Of Your Registration.
  • In Your Registration Fee According To Your Package 50% Is Service Charges & 50% Is Your Registration Charges.
  • Your Registration Fee Is Valid For One Year.
  • 1 Assignment = Post 1000 Ads Weekly On Facebook Open/Close Groups.
  • You Will Be Given An Ad. Post Given Ad/Comment On Facebook Open/Close Groups In A Week.
  • Repetition of Groups In A Week Not Allowed.
  • To Get Weekly Payment Then 1000 Ads Must Be Post In A Week.
  • Firstly You Have To Post On Open/Close Groups Through 1 Facebook Account & As Many As You Can Make A URL Links File On Ms Word With Date & Time.
  • Have to Submit Your Work Within The Time No Extra Time Will Be Given.
  • When You Submit Your Assignment Then After Submission 7 Day Checking Period Of Your Assignment.
  • Your Assignment should be complete on time otherwise no payment. After Checking You Will Get Your Payment On 8th of Every Month Through Bank Account, Easy Paisa, Mobi Cash & Services Like That.
  • Deduction Of Payment Sending Will Be Charged At Your End.
  • Note: Company Registration fee is Rs 5,000/- To 80,000/- . If Anyone Charge You More Then Rs 2000/- To 15,000 Then Company Will Not Be Responsible.
  • After One Year If You Want To Continue Your Work Then You Have To Pay 100% Amount Of Your Registration Fee In Order To Renew Your Account.
  • Offer: If we get good response from your side your account will be renewed without any service charges.