Mobile Work
Package Task Time limit Registration Fee Earning
Bronze 7,500 SMS 15 Days 2,500 Rs 2,500 Rs
Silver 7,500 SMS 15 Days 5,000 Rs 5,000 Rs
Gold 7,500 SMS 15 Days 7,500 Rs 7,500 Rs
Mobile Work
  • You have to send 500 sms daily on number series from any sim provided by the company.
  • You can use any sim card.
  • SMS (that you have to send) number series will be provided by on your email.
  • You just have to copy paste the numbers and send the SMS.
  • When you purchase any SIM go to (WWW.ZONG.COM.PK OR WWW.UFONE.COM OR Any Other network) and make an account for yourself. Do Remember the Username & Password so that you have the work record as well as we too.
  • Your package is valid for one year.